FIREMOUNT GROUP is among Textile players of the country giving one more identity to the PARADISE ISLAND – MAURITIUS, as Denim / Textile destination.

The core strength of FIREMOUNT TEXTILES LTD is production and supply of Denim Garments established since 1987. FM DENIM CO LTD - vertically integrated, Denim Mill, acquired in mid 2010 to form part of cluster has transformed FIREMOUNT GROUP as an ideal ONE STOP SHOP attracting leading Denim Brands across the Globe.  FIREMOUNT GROUP is committed to value addition, service, authenticity and aspires to be ever trusted supplier of Denim Fabric and Garments.

We are in the business of converting fibres, mainly cotton, into yarn and further into fabric and finally into value added premium denim garments for upper end market. Besides denim products our garment range comprises of casual wear such as trousers, jackets, blazers, chino, cargo shorts, etc.

Due to vertical integration of the operations from fibre to finished garment, our business activity is a vital boost up for the exports of Denim Textiles from Mauritius. We being fundamental role player in the supply chain for exports of textile goods and that too compliant, [compliant to the preferential market access to the EU (EPA), USA (under AGOA) and Africa (SADC and COMESA) as well as FTA with Turkey], definitely place MAURITIUS to acquire a position on the world map as - Denim Hub for the region to supply leading international brands.

In this growing world of apparels, we have adopted the latest-intelligent technology for the entire conversion chain, right from fibres into yarn into fabric and finally the garment. We have a state-of-the- art manufacturing set-up. We have chosen energy efficient technology as a part of our strategy of improving carbon footprint and promote Sustainable - Eco - Green – productivity.

Further, even now, when the industrialization has put aside the production of handcrafted products we have maintained the same consistence of work as that since the very beginning. It’s a matter of our heritage and pride for what has been done and that our passion for what can be done better. We are starving to protect our globe and its glory. It’s about continuous research and intelligent technology applied to make the best product that can be easily reached to everybody and that too cost effectively. It’s about transferring passion and pride to what we do. Every single person of the group is involved in this transformation. FIREMOUNT GROUP strongly believe in ‘MADE IN MAURITIUS’, making things more efficiently and better to reach out for the perfect BLUE.


Corporate vision

Realistic and Attainable our philosophy is simple.

  • Expand Customer Value
  • Increase quality improvements
  • Lower prices
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through consistent quality products, sound technology & a good understanding between us and our customers
  • Increase productivity, maintain quality consistency, responding to customer needs

Customers & Market

  • USA Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Jeans, Cotton On
  • UK Endura
  • South Africa Woolworth, Markhams, Sportscene, Foschini, Cape Union Mart, Guess, Due South, Polo, Cotton On, Fabiani, Due South
  • France Celio, Petit Bateau, Cyrillus, Acanthe
  • Netherland We Fashion, Tommy Hilfiger
  • Denmark Jyden Workwear
  • Austria Big Fashion, Concession, Henson & Henson