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FIREMOUNT GROUP is among Textile players of the country giving one more identity to the PARADISE ISLAND – MAURITIUS, as Denim / Textile destination.

The core strength of FIREMOUNT TEXTILES LTD is production and supply of Denim Garments established since 1987. FM DENIM CO LTD - vertically integrated, Denim Mill, acquired in mid 2010 to form part of cluster has transformed FIREMOUNT GROUP as an ideal ONE STOP SHOP attracting leading Denim Brands across the Globe.  FIREMOUNT GROUP is committed to value addition, service, authenticity and aspires to be ever trusted supplier of Denim Fabric and Garments.

FM DENIM CO LTD is in the business of converting fibres, mainly cotton, into yarn and into value added premium denim fabric for upper end market. FM DENIM CO LTD supports integration of the operations from fibre to finished garments within the country and hence our business activity is a vital boost up for the exports of Denim Textiles from Mauritius. Stand alone presence of FM DENIM CO LTD, as major role player in the supply chain for exports of textile goods, definitely place MAURITIUS to acquire a position on the world map as - Denim Hub for the region to supply leading international brands – one more identity of the PARADISE ISLAND - MAURITIUS !!!

FM DENIM CO LTD has a state-of-the- art manufacturing set-up. We have chosen energy efficient technology of the era  as a part of our strategy of improving carbon footprint and promote Sustainable - Eco - Green – productivity.

The unique feature of FM DENIM CO LTD is that while manufacturing, we put lots of emphasis and efforts for sustainable development through reduction of carbon emission. This is in high alignment with our mission to promote green productivity and can be clearly seen from consistent reduction of carbon emission for a consecutive period of five years – 12.3%, 26.0%, 34.1%, 38.7 %and 44.1 % during the years 2010, 2011, 2012 2013 and 2014 respectively. Also, our concept of ECO-PRODUCTS: 2025 DENIM INITIATIVE is in high alignment with our mission to promote Sustainable, Green and Eco-friendly products.

FM DENIM CO LTD is housed under single roof, covering a floor space of over 300,000 square feet, having installed capacity to produce 12.5 million metres of core to premium Denim Fabric per annum. FM DENIM CO LTD is situated on the outskirts of the capital city of Mauritius - Port Louis, 10 minutes from the harbour originally built by Mahe De Labourdonnais in 1721. This port has recently been modernized to cater for increasing traffic in the southern hemisphere. The government has planned to convert this port into one of the most modern in this part of the world. 

Achievements of FM DENIM CO LTD:

  1. First prize award for the highest overall carbon emission reduction for the year 2010 over 2009 in Mauritius.
  2. Business Industry 2011 Winner. In April 2012, FMD was awarded the rst Prize in the Business Industry 2011 Category.
  3. It is one of the very few denim companies in the world to have embarked on such a mission. This initiative has seen a more than 40 % reduction in its carbon emission within five years. 




The Better Cotton Initiative exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future. BCI aims to transform cotton production worldwide by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity. To achieve this mission, BCI works with a diverse range of stakeholders across the cotton supply chain to promote measurable and continuing improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton-producing areas with four specific aims:


  • Reduce the environmental impact of cotton production
  • Improve livelihoods and economic development in cotton producing areas
  • Improve commitment to and flow of Better Cotton throughout supply chain
  • Ensure the credibility and sustainability of the Better Cotton Initiative

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